MasterClass Series

Currently we are in a series called MasterClass! Come every Sunday night from 6:00-7:30 to learn from Masters, and learn how God has used their gifts and skills to further His Kingdom!

Sign Up for Rinky Dink!

On August 15th, the youth group will be going to Rinky Dink Family Fun Center off of route 18 in Medina! This event will require you to preregister and submit your $20 (nonrefundable) downpayment so that we can book the location! To register, click below!

Meet the Team

Connor and Ashlynn

Director of Student Ministries
Connor serves as the director of Student Ministries for the church, attends all of our weekly events, and advocates for the youth to the larger church.  Connor and Ashlynn have been leading here since 2019. Outside of the church, Connor and Ashlynn like going on walks together and being with family!

Doug and Lisa

Mama and Papa Herr
Lisa and Doug are incredibly important to the day-to-day of our ministry.  Doug leads the weekly Bible Study and Lisa helps just about everywhere she can! They also lead a Bible Study for Parents and help with Shield Nights every other week! Outside of the Student Ministry, Doug and Lisa love hanging out on their porch with friends and family!

Rob and Janet

JZ and Rob Zizzle
Janet and Rob are both newer members to our team but our students are already loving them! JZ is our youth group nurse and her and Rob help out in almost every aspect of the youth ministry.  They always make themselves available to help for our events and Rob really gives every game his all, even to the point of doing the splits!

Eric Lane

Our Token Millennial Volunteer
Eric is the newest volunteer on our team! Eric is an incredible asset to our team and helps out just about everywhere he can! He has been here for Sunday nights, praise practice, and our larger events.  Outside of the student ministry, Eric also serves on the sound booth team for the church!

John Ross

In-House Outdoors Expert
John is an incredible part of our team! John's sense of humor makes him so approachable and memorable for all of our students! He is also our resident fire starter for our outdoor events! Outside of the ministry John enjoys camping and spending time with his family!

Brett and Michelle

Incredible helpers and scary dodgeball player
Brett and Michelle Rabung are amazing additions to our team! These two help us out on our Sunday nights programming and always make themselves available when needed! Outside of the ministry they love playing softball, making music, and spending time with their two daughters!

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What We Do Here

Shield Nights

Grades 6-12 meet  Sundays from 6:00-8:00 PM for our weekly program in the Youth Room upstairs in the church!  Shield Nights consist of food, games, teaching, and small groups!

Bible Study

Grades 6-12 meet Sunday mornings during the 11:00am service in the youth room.  Papa Herr's teaching works directly through the Books of the Bible while we eat Poptarts!


The Leadership Team is a handful of our high schoolers who essentially run the Shield Ministry.  They teach, they lead small groups, they lead games, and they help plan events!


The launch of the youth worship team has been pushed back due issues with Covid-19 but if you would like to join, feel free to let Connor know and we'll get you plugged in!

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